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July 2, 2012 — 1 Comment

As I told you in the shorter version of the “about,” this site is essentially a daily collection of great longform sports stories (2,000+ words) curated for thoughtful, intelligent fans.

I’ve become tired of our constant need for consumption (how many threes will Tebow hit while Tiger guards him this weekend?!) and wanted a place where stories (real reporting and honest-to-God writing) could live.

It’s always seemed unfair to me that the stuff Chris Jones does gets swept away at the same rate of speed as the stuff the AFC South blogger does (nothing against the AFC South blogger, love your offense, Indy!).

This is the beast we’ve built, but it doesn’t mean there can’t be a stable for the great ones. I still believe in the beauty of art and nothing satiates that for me quite like a sports story.

Like pieces on the music in Royce White’s head and the ones about the beauty of Spain and the ones about the Bounding Basque.

I want you to forget you’re reading, to get lost, all of those flowery things we use to describe something that, very simply, is just amazing to consume.

So there it is, my purpose, a goal. I hope you keep coming back.

You can follow me on Twitter (personally) at @pistolsguy or (this site) at @sports_reads.


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